Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Birthday Party at The Brush Up

Vakesha celebrated her birthday at The Brush Up, a paint night spot in Valdosta, Georgia. Everyone at the party enjoyed themselves.  The environment was filled with music, laughter, dancing, wine sipping, and painting.  The birthday girl didn’t even paint but she still had a good time going around critiquing everybody else’s masterpieces.

The Brush Up is  a nice spot that provides a very positive atmosphere and gets your creativity going.  It’s a good place to go with your family, friends, and/or loved ones.  It breaks the tradition of  doing regular things such as going to dinner, going to the movies, or going to a bar/club/lounge.  It provides a unique experience that won’t be forgotten, and you get to go home with some new artwork created by you! If you are looking for something fun to do, The Brush Up is definitely worth checking out.

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