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The Black Barbershop Experience

The Black Barbershop is one of the most positive places you can ever visit, and it provides some of the most positive experiences.  There is a certain vibe that is consistent among many Black Barbershops all around the WORLD.  When you go inside of one of these barbershops, you’re getting more than just a fresh haircut because the barbers are more than just barbers.  They are stylists, counselors, news anchors, life coaches, movie critics, love gurus, and anything else you can think of.  It’s a place where you can witness live debates on a variety of topics.  These debates usually have no moderator and involve more than 2 people.  It is also possible that you will be pulled into the middle of the debate somehow.  These debates are common in the Black Barbershop, and they can get loud and intense, but at the end of the day, it is very fun and informative.  You will usually walk out of there with not only a haircut but some newly gained knowledge as well.

The Black Barbershop is full of discussion, and you can get caught up on the news and world events by visiting one.  In fact, most of the barbershop debates start off as discussions.  It’s the only place where you can hear a discussion about last night’s basketball game turn into a discussion about flat earth, that turns into a discussion about religion, that turns into a discussion about music, that turns into a discussion about politics, that turns into a discussion about race, that turns into a discussion about movies; all within 15 minutes.  You will definitely do a LOT of laughing in the Black Barbershop.  It is where many of us learn to hold our laughs in because you don’t want to laugh while getting a line-up (and for me, it seems like the funniest things are always said during the line-up).

Let’s not forget about the main reason why people come to the barbershop; the HAIRCUT.  The haircut is one of the most important aspects of having style.  The haircut can be magical; specifically the line-up.  I once heard a barber once say that he cuts hair for free, but it’s the line-up that he charges for.  Depending on how skilled the barber is, the haircut can change a person’s day.  It can give a big boost to one’s confidence.  Many people walk out of the barbershop feeling untouchable and ready for the world.  It’s a place that has a positive impact on a person’s mental health.

One of the unique things about the Black Barbershop is that is a designated man cave, and it remains a man cave even though women come in all the time.  Some women bring their sons in for a haircut, and some women come in to get their hair cut too.  Anyone can come into the Black Barbershop and experience its greatness.  No matter your gender, race, religion….., you can walk into a Black Barbershop and they will make you feel at home.  When you leave the Black Barbershop, you feel better about life.  The barbershops I visited for these photos include Title Town Barber Shop, A-1 Cutz & Fashion, Anotha Level, and Dove.  They are all located in Valdosta, Georgia.  The cameras that were used for these photos were the Canon T1i and the Ricoh Grii.

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