Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Plush Style Photography

Birthday Party at The Brush Up

Vakesha celebrated her birthday at The Brush Up, a paint night spot in Valdosta, Georgia. Everyone at the party enjoyed themselves.  The environment was filled with music, laughter, dancing, wine sipping, and painting.  The birthday girl didn’t even paint but she still had a good time going around critiquing everybody else’s masterpieces. The Brush Up is  a nice spot that provides a very positive atmosphere and gets your creativity going.  It’s a good place to go with your family, friends, and/or […]

The Black Barbershop Experience

The Black Barbershop is one of the most positive places you can ever visit, and it provides some of the most positive experiences.  There is a certain vibe that is consistent among many Black Barbershops all around the WORLD.  When you go inside of one of these barbershops, you’re getting more than just a fresh haircut because the barbers are more than just barbers.  They are stylists, counselors, news anchors, life coaches, movie critics, love gurus, and anything else you […]

Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP): Class of 2017

I had the satisfaction of spending last week in Los Angeles at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention.  I was selected to present my research poster at the convention.  I was also selected to be a part of the Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP).   40 of us were selected to be part of the MSLP and we all spent the week together learning a lot of good information and networking with other professionals in the field.  Our week was packed […]

The Farmers Market

Weeks before moving back to America, one thing I was excited to experience was shopping at the local Farmers Markets. While visiting my family, I had the opportunity to visit the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida. My nana, mamma, and sister accompanied me on the journey as they are committed shoppers. I was warned the market can get very packed so luckily we kinda beat the crowd. Upon arrival, while entering, there were a few food booths prepping […]

Nikon F2 Rescue

I picked up a Nikon F2 and had to clean it up a bit.

Europe Cycling

While living in Europe for 11 years, I grew accustomed to using public transportation when traveling.  Never did I imagine using it as my sole means of travel.  As I prepared for my new journey to the United States, a part of the process was shipping my car 2 months before leaving.  Usually most wait until the last few days to ship, but I wanted my ride waiting on me in America by the time I landed.  With many days […]

Olympus 35DC

Shooting with the Olympus 35 DC

I came across an Olympus 35DC for $10 and so far, it’s been nice to shoot with.  It’s a fully automatic rangefinder, and even though I would rather have manual controls, sometimes it’s nice to just go shoot without dealing with settings.  The 35DC is compact and silent, making it a discrete camera, which is my kind of camera.  When I picked it up, it was super dirty and the leather was coming off.  I cleaned it up pretty good […]

Valerian Root

I first heard of Valerian Root on a podcast named The Model Heath Fitness show by Shawn Stevenson. This particular episode was about improving your sleep. A lot of his tips were helpful, but the one that stuck out the most Valerian Root and how it’s used to help with sleep. Anyone that knows me knows I never have issues falling asleep, but I wanted to give it a shot so I could speak on it from experiences. Living in […]

A Family Cookout 2017

We had another annual family cookout which was a good time as always.  Whenever you put family, food, and music together, it usually turns out to be a positive thing.  I was able to get some shots with my day to day Sony a6000 as well as several different film cameras including the Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Yashica Electro 35 GTN, Kodak Retina iia, and the Canon A-1 (which can be seen below). These are shots from the Sony a6000 […]

Rainy Day with the Canonet QL17 Giii

I was coming from class one day and got stuck inside of the building because it started raining unexpectedly.  I didn’t have an umbrella and I didn’t want to hurt any of my cameras because it was pouring down, so I took out the Canonet and observed.  Below are some photos of people taking a chance against the rain.