Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Plush Style Photography

Valdosta Wildcats Champs

Wilcox #78: A Valdosta Wildcat Champion

I had a photo shoot with a high school football champion and his family last weekend.  The Valdosta Wildcats, became the 2016 state champions in the Georgia Dome in December.  Their starting lineup was filled with future Valdosta High School hall of famers; one being offensive lineman Jalen Wilcox (#78).   The Valdosta Wildcats are the most winningest high school football team in American History.  Here are just a few stats to let you know what the Wildcats are about: Over 900 […]

Photo Matting Plush Style

Getting a Photo Matted Locally

I went and got one of my favorite photos matted at a local spot.  This was my first time actually seeing the matting process done on a computer.  I have always seen the mats cut by hand, but to see it cut at the push of a button was impressive.  The photo was shot right outside of Hotel Antunović in Zagreb.  The nightfall was slowly creeping in and everybody was looking fly and feeling fly, so the energy was amazing.  We had just […]

Plush Style Wedding Photography

Donte & Crystra: The Wedding

Here are some visuals from Donte & Crystra’s wedding.  It was a good time that was followed by dinner at Cheddars.  I also got the inside scoop on the secret of the rings.  I won’t write a book though.  The photos can do the storytelling.

Black Fish Fry Raymond Elliott

The Cultural Fish Fry

A fish fry is a gathering that is always worth attending.  Although I don’t recommend eating anything deep fried, there is always something interesting going on at a fish fry.  You will get history lessons, learn new things, and get a good laugh.  If you’re all about taste and not really into nutrition, then you’ll enjoy the food also.  Here are some of the shots I got at a fish fry.

Plush Style Bowling

Bowling with the Groom

I enjoyed a night of bowling with the groom before his wedding.  I don’t remember who won, but the groom is good at this bowling thing.

Plush Style Gym Photo

Gym Morning

I got an early morning workout in with the father.  I have only been taking the gym serious for about 2 years, and he has been at it since before my birth, so this was a monumental moment.  I gained a lot of valuable knowledge from the expert during this workout.

Omega Psi Phi photo

Omega Psi Phi: New Member Presentation

Here is some documentation from a very energetic Omega Psi Phi event I shot last night.  This event was a new member presentation event presented by the Alpha Gamma Gamma Chapter.  These new members have earned degrees and are making accomplishments.

Checking the Art Gallery

A few photos from a recent art museum visit with my artist friend Reginald Heriveaux-Colas.  Please go and like his Facebook page.

The Calm Before the ….

Chaneyball Tree

Farewell to the Chaneyball Tree

In the front yard of Grandma’s house was a big chaneyball tree.  It stood there as far back as I can remember.  It was even there before I was born, and it played a huge part in anyone’s life who was a regular at Grandma’s house.  The tree has recently been chopped down…… Grandpa and Grandma said that it had to be taken down because it was starting to rot.  This tree has many memories attached to it; most notably the […]