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Terrance with weekend duffle image

Treating Your Weekend Duffle Bag

I highly recommend to treat your leather bag with a leather conditioner every 6 months. This will clean the pores keeping the leather moist and from drying up. With the cotton bags be cautious of easy dirtying, loose strings, etc. I recently made a trip to London, UK and ruined a bag trying to stuff 3 pair of shoes, clothing, hats, my camera, and my toiletries in my cotton weekender. The shoulder strap started to tear from the bag because […]

Exposure Triangle Image

The Exposure Triangle

Start Shooting In Manual Mode One of the challenges to overcome once you get a DSLR is learning to shoot in manual mode. Once you learn the exposure triangle, you will be well on your way to shooting comfortably in manual mode. When explaining exposure, things can get complex but I will keep it as simple as I can. Exposure is how dark or bright your photos are. A photo that is too dark is underexposed, and a photo that […]

Weekend Duffle Bag image

The Weekend Duffle Bag

The weekend duffle bag will give you the casual yet sophisticated look. Dressed up with slacks and a blazer or dressed down in a slim tee and shredded jeans. Either way you WILL look the part. A close friend/mentor told me a man should always have a weekender in the closet. It presents itself with a gentleman’s approach. When choosing the color or material, keep in mind your budget and your personality. I’m a firm believer of,  ‘you get what […]

Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlets

Shopping In Italy: Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlets

Terrence and myself planned to go check out the Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet on a Friday, but some of the locals suggested that we wait until Saturday because the New Year sales would be starting.  So, we waited until Saturday.  The opening time was 9am and we got there at 9:30am, which wasn’t a smart move because the area was crowded.  My mission was to find some navy blue shoes.

floating yoga image

Photo Shoot with Lana Richmond of Sexy Yoga TV

Here are some shots from a recent shoot with yoga teacher Lana Richmond, the creator and host of SexyYogaTV. We did the shoot in Minnehaha park in Minneapolis, MN. For those interested in SexyYogaTV, visit www.sexyyogatv.com for Yoga, breathing & meditation lessons all taught by beautiful instructors. 10 channels including golfers’ yoga, topless yoga instruction & nude silhouette yoga. Photo galleries too! SexyYogaTV puts healthy, sexy & fun together like no place else on earth. Visit the Plush Style Photo […]

Auger family collage image

Sneak Peek: Auger Family Photo Shoot

Here are some of the photos from a recent shoot with the Auger family.

Dynasty Walkway image

Dynasty Photo Shoot

Some shots from a recent photo shoot with the lovely Dynasty.

buck image

A Buck Crossing the Street

As I was out searching for a good location to shoot, I saw this buck crossing the street.  I had my camera on hand, and this is the best shot I could get.

Cologne Collection image

What’s In Your Cologne Bag?

Here are some of my favorite scents in the collection right now: Prada Luna Rossa Gucci Guilty Intense Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Dolce and Gabbana The One Ralph Lauren Polo Red

Jherra Portrait

Photo Shoot with Jherra

Some photos from a recent shoot with little model Jherra.