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Plush Style Photography

Red Door Records Photography Showcase

Red Door Records Photography Showcase and Competition (September)

Red Door Records had another local photography showcase on Friday and it was great to be around some of the local artists.  There are some talented photographers in the local area and it is always nice to see the work of fellow photographers.  The showcase was cool (as always) and the environment was relaxed and chill.  There were 2 categories to win the competition, a crowd favorite and the judge’s choice.  I am proud to say that one of my […]

Inside Guitar Center

A Quick Stop at Guitar Center

I haven’t been to Guitar Center in a long time.  It is a place I can stay in almost as long as I can inside of a camera store.  There are so many tools for creation in there.  I went with my brother to help him find some studio essentials.  I was carrying the Sony a6000 with me during this visit.

Nikon FE and Cinestill 800T

A New Nikon FE with Cinestill 800T

I have been wanting to shoot a roll of Cinestill for a while because I saw some of the shots that were taken with it and I was impressed.  When I went to order a roll, it was on back order, so I left it alone and I would check the availability from time to time.  Then one day I went on Freestyle to order a C-41 Processing Kit and noticed that the Cinestill 800T film was available so I […]

In the Gym with Rob Niter

Rob Niter has accomplished a lot in the realm of fitness since I last saw him.  We were both stationed in Utah and Germany a few years back (when he was still average sized).  Since then he has become a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and fitness model.  He has won several competitions including the Musclemania Muscle Model Championship, Musclemania All Forces Championship, Musclemania All Forces Physique Championship, and the Musclemania Lonestar Championship.  Niter has also made several appearances on television and […]

McCrowie Family Reunion Banquet 2017

Fayetteville Roller Derby

Fayetteville Roller Derby Practice

I went to one of the practices for the ladies of Fayetteville Roller Derby in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I’m no expert on roller derby, but the practice was pretty intense.  Everyone was dedicated during the 2 hours of drills, exercising, and skating, but they seemed to be enjoying all of it.  I saw some of them take hard falls so I can’t imagine how intense an actual game is, and I hope to make it to one of them. On […]

Fujica AX-3

Rescuing and Shooting with the Fujica AX-3

One of my recent pickups was a Fujica AX-3 for $15.  I carry batteries with me when I’m buying film cameras to test them.  Once I popped the batteries in this one, the shutter was firing, but I didn’t bother to check the meter, which was a mistake.  After getting the camera cleaned up, I finally checked the meter and it will tell you that every shot is underexposed.  So, I had to rely on my manual shooting skills with […]

Shots from Sunday Dinner

Below are a few shots from this past Sunday dinner.  Items on the menu included, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rice, and sausage.  Sunday dinners are different for me now because I changed my eating habits about 2 years ago, so the green beans and rice were all I had.  But everyone else enjoyed the rest of the food.

Godchella: Back 2 School Bash

Godchella: Back 2 School Bash

This is my 2nd year shooting the Back 2 School Bash that is put on by New Life Ministries.  They provided a positive experience for the children with activities, giveaways, and entertainment. As a photographer, shooting an event like this that involves performers is a good experience.  There is no rush to get shots, and there is plenty of time to get the shots.  The performers will do between 3-4 songs during their time on stage.  This gave me plenty […]



I was driving along one of those slow side streets and saw a girl walking this big dog. I asked her if I could take a photo and she was happy to. I could tell that the dog brings a lot of attention her way. I’m not a dog person, so I have no idea what type this is. She did tell me, but I forgot.