Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Plush Style Photography

Reginald Heriveaux-Colas painting

artwork of Reginald Heriveaux-Colas

It is very interesting to see other artists get in their zone and do what they do.  Reginald Heriveaux-Colas is skilled in the culinary arts and painting.  I was able to see his artistic process in the kitchen (which will be shared in a later post), but today I want to share the experience of seeing his painting workflow.  I even went with him to buy the canvases and the paint, which had its own influence on the process.  For […]

A Country Ride

DIY: Monitor Stand for Studio Desk

Day In the Life of a Scholar

For a scholar, one of the joys of life is spending time in the bookstore.  Being surrounded by thousands of books is a pleasure.  There is an abundance of opportunity to gain knowledge.

A Saturday Gathering

Back In the Studio

Studio Session In VA

The Infant Gardener

Classy Birthday Party

I was recently invited to take photos at a birthday party. This was the classiest birthday party I have ever been to. There was a live band and singers performing some soulful pieces. There was an all black dress code, and there was plenty of food to enjoy. I would like to share some of the shots I got at Kesha’s birthday party.

Chiquita’s Birthday/Housewarming