Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Plush Style Photography

Back 2 School Bash

New Life Ministries hosted a Back 2 School Bash event with speakers, giveaways, food, and concert.  One of the speakers for the event was Youth Pastor William Hollimon.  The concert part of the event included recording artist Shenice, DAP, and the Community Youth Choir.  Enjoy some of the photos from the event below.

Spider Photo Shoot

Outside Today

I was taking some garbage outside today and saw this spider.  I decided to give it a photo shoot, but it wouldn’t cooperate so I was only able to get one shot.

vape cloud

The Vaping Lifestyle

It is always interesting to get a glimpse into other lifestyles.  I have always seen people with those “electronic cigarettes”, but I had no idea that it was  lifestyle.  Yeah I pass vape shops all the time while driving, but I always thought it was just a store to buy your vape products.  It is much more than that.  It’s a hang out spot for a lot of people.  They go there to kick back and vape.

The Culinary Artist

Here are some photos showcasing the routine of a true artist showing his culinary skills.  The whole experience was amazing; seeing the food be prepared and then eating it.  The meal consisted of a bruschetta appetizer and a crab leg legume entree.  I could write a few paragraphs on this experience, but I will let the photos do the talking.

Travis the Bass Player

The Bass Player

Reginald Heriveaux-Colas painting

artwork of Reginald Heriveaux-Colas

It is very interesting to see other artists get in their zone and do what they do.  Reginald Heriveaux-Colas is skilled in the culinary arts and painting.  I was able to see his artistic process in the kitchen (which will be shared in a later post), but today I want to share the experience of seeing his painting workflow.  I even went with him to buy the canvases and the paint, which had its own influence on the process.  For […]

A Country Ride

DIY: Monitor Stand for Studio Desk

Day In the Life of a Scholar

For a scholar, one of the joys of life is spending time in the bookstore.  Being surrounded by thousands of books is a pleasure.  There is an abundance of opportunity to gain knowledge.

A Saturday Gathering