Would you go to an art gallery and take things off of the wall?

Plush Style Photography

Back In the Studio

Studio Session In VA

The Infant Gardener

Classy Birthday Party

I was recently invited to take photos at a birthday party. This was the classiest birthday party I have ever been to. There was a live band and singers performing some soulful pieces. There was an all black dress code, and there was plenty of food to enjoy. I would like to share some of the shots I got at Kesha’s birthday party.

Chiquita’s Birthday/Housewarming

General Tso's Chicken image

Food and Photos | Making General Tso’s Chicken

The fusion of 2 different arts.  Photography and culinary arts…..taking pictures and cooking.  This series of photos represents what it is like every time I cook, which consists of the prep stage, the cooking, and the food photography at the end.  On this particular day, I was making General Tso’s Chicken for the first time.

Family Weekend

strawberry waffles image

Waffles | #foodporn

A waffle maker is one of the best investments that I ever made.  Money will be saved from making runs to the local waffle spot most mornings, and it creates more opportunity for food photography!  Enjoy some of the waffle based photos I have taken.

Fishing At the Lake

Grandpa Great Granddaughter

The 1st Great Grandchild