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#NMOS14 in Durham, NC

I learned about the National Moment of Silence rally on social media and was a bit skeptical about it at first.  Don’t get me wrong, I am angry about what can be described as black genocide happening in America, but I thought that this movement would be just another one of those “marching” type of movements.  I can’t speak for any other cities but in Durham, this rally was good.  Shout out to the people who organized it.  We had […]

Birthday Photography Valdosta

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Have you ever been in that situation where you didn’t know what to get someone as a birthday gift? One of the best birthday gifts you can give anyone, or even yourself, is a photo session. Your birthday is your special day, so of course you want to enjoy it, or maybe even live it up. Capturing your special day would make an everlasting gift. My recent clients did just that. Dominique and Tamara of Creations 2 Celebrations Photography (go like […]

Moving Boxes img

More To Come From Plush Style Photo!

Right now I am in the process of moving to Georgia. Most of you all know the challenges of relocating and getting settled in a new place. Once I am settled in, look for more content from Plush Style Photo!

Footprint in Snow image

Record Store on Snow Day

It is natural to want to stay inside in certain weather conditions such as rain and snow.  My creativity starts flowing like never before during these times, which is why I like to make a trip to the record store.  On this particular day it was snowing, so I took a trip to the record store and stayed inside for a long time.

outside of cheddars image

Lunch With the Family

Just a day out with the family eating lunch at Cheddars. These are a combination of photos taken with the 5d Mark III and an iPhone.    

Photo Shoot with Donte

My brother wanted some quick photos, so I pulled out one external flash, an umbrella, the stand, and of course the camera.  Here are a few shots.

Terrance purchasing Air Jordan 1 Retro image

Lifestyle Photography: Terrance Gets Sneakers

Terrance is a sneakerhead; always in some nice shoes and very knowledgeable about shoes.  I went up to Italy to visit him and we went to a spot in Venice to get the shoes.  Usually with Jordan releases, the lines are super long, but at this particular spot, nobody was there.  Here are some visuals to go with this day.

Record Store Trip image

Lifestyle Photography: A Trip To the Record Store

Going to record stores and finding new gems for my vinyl collection is a big part of my life, because outside of photography, I am really into music production.  It was a gray day outside, which is my favorite time to go crate digging.  I did some Internet searching and found that there is a place in Bismarck, North Dakota called Rhythm Records Music Cafe, so I decided to go there for the day to see what I could find………..

rule of thirds image

The Rule of Thirds Made Easy

The rule of thirds in photography is something useful to know because it will help improve your composition, however, that doesn’t mean that every shot from the camera should be taken using the rule of thirds.  The rule of thirds is easy to learn and I will keep it short and sweet for you.  You can think of the rule of thirds as an imaginary tic-tac-toe-board. Tо understand thе rule оf thirds, imagine two equally spaced vertically lines аnd two […]

Back Button Focus image

How and Why to Switch to Back Button Focusing

I have recently switched over to back button autofocus, and wished I would have done it sooner. For me, back button focusing got rid of one of my top annoyances with photography, which is pressing the shutter down halfway to autofocus and then pressing it down completely to get the shot. I didn’t care too much for it, especially when it came to taking multiple photos in a row. The process becomes: Focus, Recompose, and Snap for every shot. With […]