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Fujica AX-3

Rescuing and Shooting with the Fujica AX-3

One of my recent pickups was a Fujica AX-3 for $15.  I carry batteries with me when I’m buying film cameras to test them.  Once I popped the batteries in this one, the shutter was firing, but I didn’t bother to check the meter, which was a mistake.  After getting the camera cleaned up, I finally checked the meter and it will tell you that every shot is underexposed.  So, I had to rely on my manual shooting skills with […]

Minolta X-370 camera

Shooting the Minolta X-370 with risky film

I recently picked up a Minolta X-370 for pretty cheap ($25).  It came in a nice leather case too but it was very dirty, and the picture you see above is after I spent some time detailing it.  There was a roll of film in the camera already, but the counter was still on “S”, so I opened the film door and noticed that someone had attempted to put film in there but never finished.  I correctly loaded the cam, […]

Develop Film at Home C41

Developing Color Negatives (C-41) at Home

In the last post, I went over the materials needed to develop color negatives at home.  I finally developed my first few batches and it wasn’t so bad.  The process was actually therapeutic.  I made my mixes in a 1 Liter measuring cup and then transferred the mixes to a storage bottle.  I will tell you to be careful with the blix.  It can get messy when mixing, transferring to the storage bottle, and during the agitations/inversions.  After doing an […]

Materials for Developing Color Film at Home: C-41 Kit

Since venturing into the realm of film, I noticed that getting film developed isn’t like it once was.  There are some lucky people who have local labs that still develop film.  The rest of us don’t have it so good.  The drug stores still develop film, but, they send them off somewhere to be developed and they don’t return your negatives (this kinda defeats the purpose).  There are some great labs that you can find online to send your film […]

Meeko-with-Minolta x-700

It’s Time to Shoot Film

I have been doing my research on film photography for a while now.  I remember shooting film (mainly disposable cameras and polaroids) as a child, but by the time I became serious about photography, digital was the thing.  I wanted to get into shooting film because I felt that it would make me better.  I recently made the jump to shooting film, and I immediately noticed that things are more simple and you have to put more thought into each […]