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McCrowie Family Reunion Banquet 2017

Fayetteville Roller Derby

Fayetteville Roller Derby Practice

I went to one of the practices for the ladies of Fayetteville Roller Derby in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I’m no expert on roller derby, but the practice was pretty intense.  Everyone was dedicated during the 2 hours of drills, exercising, and skating, but they seemed to be enjoying all of it.  I saw some of them take hard falls so I can’t imagine how intense an actual game is, and I hope to make it to one of them. On […]

Shots from Sunday Dinner

Below are a few shots from this past Sunday dinner.  Items on the menu included, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rice, and sausage.  Sunday dinners are different for me now because I changed my eating habits about 2 years ago, so the green beans and rice were all I had.  But everyone else enjoyed the rest of the food.

Photography Exhibit at Red Door Records & Cinema

Having a photography exhibit at the record store is like a dream come true to me.  Diggin for vinyls and photography are 2 things I’m very passionate about.  Red Door Records and Cinema had a photography exhibit this past Friday.  The event had a nice turnout and it was cool to be able to meet some of the local artists.  Here are a few shots from the night.

The Birth of Dermani Ason

Sandy Valdespino

Sandy Valdespino: An Evening with the Former MLB Player

Terrance, one of my best friends who coaches a little league team in Germany, is the grandson of Sandy Valdespino, a former MLB player during the 60s and 70s.  He played with the Minnesota Twins in the 1965 World Series.  Terrance recently asked me to take some baseballs to his Grandfather so he could sign them for the little league team. I met up with Mr. Valdespino and his daughter at a Chick-fil-A where we enjoyed some conversation while he […]

Valdosta State University Communication Sciences Disorders Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag: Valdosta State University Communication Sciences and Disorders

Here are some photos from a capture the flag event at Valdosta State University with the scholars from the Communication and Sciences Disorders department.

Record Store Day 2017

Happy Record Store Day

Today I got some dig therapy at Red Door Records & Cinema in celebration of Record Store Day.  Its been while since I hit the $1 bin, and today I think I found some gems in there.  I came out with a nice little stack of vinyls, and now it’s time to take them to the studio and create!

Valdosta State University Speech Clinic

Valdosta State University Speech Clinic: 55 Year Client Appreciation Event

This year marks the 55th year that the Valdosta State University Speech Clinic has been serving the community.  This past weekend the speech clinic held a client appreciation event with music, food, games, and fun.  Here are some of the photos from the event.

Cooking: The Art Often Taken For Granted

My good good friend is a painting chef.  I followed him during the process of making a meal, and I’m not just talking about the kitchen.  I watched him go through the whole process, which included a trip to the local meat market to pick out ingredients and all.  To watch the process was very therapeutic because it was similar to the process I go through when I’m crate diggin.  The crate diggin process involves going to the record store, […]