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Photography Exhibit at Red Door Records & Cinema

Having a photography exhibit at the record store is like a dream come true to me.  Diggin for vinyls and photography are 2 things I’m very passionate about.  Red Door Records and Cinema had a photography exhibit this past Friday.  The event had a nice turnout and it was cool to be able to meet some of the local artists.  Here are a few shots from the night.

Terrance in Venice image

Photography and Travel

Photography and Travel The combination of photography and travel is one of my favorites.  The best part about traveling, is documenting the trip (taking photos).  Travel is something many of us enjoy.  When people want to take a vacation, many of them travel somewhere.  Since traveling is so enjoyable, it only makes sense to keep the good memories in your mind, and photography solves that problem.  Not only do I take photos when I travel, but I print them as well.  It is […]

sony a6000 image

Sony a6000 – My New Camera

So, you own a big DSLR camera and it takes great photos and all, but it can be a burden to carry around.  I understand, in fact that was me…. until recently.  I like to carry my camera everywhere but sometimes I would just leave it behind because I don’t feel like being overwhelmed with a big bag and an endless amount of accessories and equipment. Even if you take the camera bag and lenses out of the equation, you […]