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Family Weekend

strawberry waffles image

Waffles | #foodporn

A waffle maker is one of the best investments that I ever made.  Money will be saved from making runs to the local waffle spot most mornings, and it creates more opportunity for food photography!  Enjoy some of the waffle based photos I have taken.

Fishing At the Lake

Grandpa Great Granddaughter

The 1st Great Grandchild

Documenting Birth: Renyla Brielle Elliott

Birth Photography The story of a birth, through photography.  Continue reading………………………….

Terrance in Venice image

Photography and Travel

Photography and Travel The combination of photography and travel is one of my favorites.  The best part about traveling, is documenting the trip (taking photos).  Travel is something many of us enjoy.  When people want to take a vacation, many of them travel somewhere.  Since traveling is so enjoyable, it only makes sense to keep the good memories in your mind, and photography solves that problem.  Not only do I take photos when I travel, but I print them as well.  It is […]

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Rainy Day = Record Store

I always find myself in a record store on rainy days…….

Shooting Benelli Supernova image

Some Time At the Gun Range

It is still a relief to have a smaller camera to carry around with me everywhere.  Here are some photos from my trip to the gun range.  Once again I carried the Sony a6000 equipped with the Sony 50mm f/1.8 e-mount lens.

Just Another Southern Sunday

Sunday has always been a beautiful day in my family.  We get together as a family and we feast!  One thing that I picked up on was the importance of the dinner table.  It is the hub of the socializing and feasting.  The dinner table is probably the most important piece of furniture you will ever purchase, so choose it carefully.  It is just important to remember to actually use the table.  Enjoy a few photos from this typical Sunday. […]

christmas tree decorations image

Happy Holidays

There are some people who decorate trees for Christmas, and they don’t realize how good of an artist they are.  My mom is one of those people.  This is a closer look at the beauty of a Christmas tree.