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Farewell to the Chaneyball Tree

Chaneyball Tree

In the front yard of Grandma’s house was a big chaneyball tree.  It stood there as far back as I can remember.  It was even there before I was born, and it played a huge part in anyone’s life who was a regular at Grandma’s house.  The tree has recently been chopped down…… Grandpa and Grandma said that it had to be taken down because it was starting to rot.  This tree has many memories attached to it; most notably the chaneyball fights.  As children we would throw these little balls/berries as each other.  The greens one would hurt because they were more firm.  The brown ones weren’t as bad.  Another memory from that tree was the branch that stuck out horizontally.  We would do pull ups on it and swing on it acrobatically.  Grandma’s front yard will never be the same again with the chaneyball tree missing.  Here are the last photos of a piece of my childhood.

Chaneyball Tree Chaneyball Tree

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