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In the Gym with Rob Niter

Rob Niter has accomplished a lot in the realm of fitness since I last saw him.  We were both stationed in Utah and Germany a few years back (when he was still average sized).  Since then he has become a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and fitness model.  He has won several competitions including the Musclemania Muscle Model Championship, Musclemania All Forces Championship, Musclemania All Forces Physique Championship, and the Musclemania Lonestar Championship.  Niter has also made several appearances on television and radio, and he will appear in a new Stephen King series titled Mr. Mercedes that is scheduled to air next year.

I met up with Niter in his environment (the gym) and he worked out and talked fitness with me as I took a few shots.  He is very dedicated to the fitness lifestyle and he can talk about fitness all day just like I can talk about photography all day.  Enjoy some of the shots from the workout session and please visit robniter.com for more information.  Check out his book Azthetiks Innovation X-Treme, and you can find him on facebook, twitter, and Instagram @robniter.

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