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Photography and Travel

Terrance in Venice image

Photography and Travel

The combination of photography and travel is one of my favorites.  The best part about traveling, is documenting the trip (taking photos).  Travel is something many of us enjoy.  When people want to take a vacation, many of them travel somewhere.  Since traveling is so enjoyable, it only makes sense to keep the good memories in your mind, and photography solves that problem.  Not only do I take photos when I travel, but I print them as well.  It is one thing to have the photo in digital format, and post to social media, only to forget about it by the next day.  I find that printing photos gives opportunity to put that photo in a place where you can see it everyday.  Yeah, a screen saver is a lot easier to do, but that digital file isn’t the same as a print. (and the print doesn’t consume electricity).  It is like buying an album from iTunes versus buying a vinyl record from the store.

Get Prints

I like to get prints of the photos I have taken while traveling.  I love having a canvas to hang up, but it’s not enough room for all of the canvases that I want printed, so I have to choose carefully.  I also like the experience of photography and travel.  One important thing I learned is to not miss out on a good shot because of what somebody might be thinking.  Just get down and dirty, and take the photos.  The photos posted here show Terrance getting some shots while in Venice.  He definitely didn’t care who was looking, and he was confident with the camera the whole day.

Speez in Venice Italy Speez by the water in Venice Italy image

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