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Shooting the Minolta X-370 with risky film

Minolta X-370 camera

I recently picked up a Minolta X-370 for pretty cheap ($25).  It came in a nice leather case too but it was very dirty, and the picture you see above is after I spent some time detailing it.  There was a roll of film in the camera already, but the counter was still on “S”, so I opened the film door and noticed that someone had attempted to put film in there but never finished.  I correctly loaded the cam, and decided to shoot with the “risky” film that was already in there.

I shot the roll and got it developed at Colonial Photo & Hobby (great lab, by the way).  Shooting with the X-370 was fun.  It was comfortable and simple.  When I got the film back, the shots had a super green and faded type of tint to them.  This was a case for bringing analogue and digital together.  I was able to salvage some of the photos by working with them in lightroom.  Below you can see some of the before and after shots.








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