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Sony a6000 – My New Camera

sony a6000 image

So, you own a big DSLR camera and it takes great photos and all, but it can be a burden to carry around.  I understand, in fact that was me…. until recently.  I like to carry my camera everywhere but sometimes I would just leave it behind because I don’t feel like being overwhelmed with a big bag and an endless amount of accessories and equipment. Even if you take the camera bag and lenses out of the equation, you still have to contend with the weight of the camera, and what do you do when you are tired of carrying it, and you have no bag………..You wear it, around your neck or your shoulder which can lead to some pretty painful stain.  This is where the Sony a6000 comes into play.

Sony a6000 Appearance: Modern With a Pinch of Sleek

I was in the market for a smaller camera that still packed a lot of power, and found that there are a lot of good choices out there.  CSCs (Compact System Cameras) are the best choice because they are a hybrid between DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras.  It gives you the size of the point-and-shoot with the features of a DSLR.
This is not an in-depth technical review of the Sony a6000, but a straight to the point, how I feel about it so far post.
As far as the looks, it has a natural sleek look to it.  It doesn’t beg for attention.  If you like to have your camera out while you’re in public without drawing a lot of attention the a6000 does the job.  Many of the CSCs available now have a retro look, which is cool, but the a6000 isn’t one of them.  Don’t let that hinder your decision though, if you are also in the market for a smaller camera.
Sony A6000 CSC

Sony a6000 Performance: A Very Blunt Perspective

Let’s get straight to the point; the a6000 camera takes good photos. You can shoot in RAW and/or JPEG formats. It performs well in low light situations. It also has an EVF (electronic viewfinder), which is nice because a viewfinder is a must have for me when looking for a new camera. It’s also cool that the viewfinder is on the left side of the camera versus being in the direct center. The a6000 also focuses pretty fast, which carries some importance for a carry around camera. It has a built in flash, which is cool because you can point it upwards to get some bounce flash going and it shoots video which I haven’t had the chance to do yet (I will do another post showing the video capabilities). The lenses are interchangeable, and the a6000 I bought came with a 16-50mm lens. Overall, the camera meets my needs. It is a small camera that takes good quality photos that I can carry around with me everywhere. Not to mention it has a lot of features that I haven’t tapped into yet. For example, I know there is an option to send the photos straight to your computer or smartphone (it has built in W-Fi). If you came here looking for some super technical details, here is a small summary… It has a 24.3 Megapixel APS-C Exmor APS HD HD CMOS Sensor. It’s mirror less. It has 179 Phase-Detect Points, shoots up to 11 frames-per-second and the ISO goes up to 25600. It has a built in hot shoe for other accessories such as external flashes, mics, and so on. I highly recommend the Sony a6000, and if you are in the market for a compact camera with power, consider the a6000.

Sony a6000 Shots: Some Photos Taken With the Sony a6000

Check out some of the shots I took with the Sony a6000 below. Once I shoot some video with it, I will be back………….misty leaves image brick building image railroad track image vinyl records image Stanton t.62 Turntable

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