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The Farmers Market

Weeks before moving back to America, one thing I was excited to experience was shopping at the local Farmers Markets. While visiting my family, I had the opportunity to visit the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida. My nana, mamma, and sister accompanied me on the journey as they are committed shoppers. I was warned the market can get very packed so luckily we kinda beat the crowd. Upon arrival, while entering, there were a few food booths prepping for the day’s sales. I saw many different things, from fresh coconut water to local raw honeys to smoked Argentinian beef and authentic Cuban food. I could literally start to feel the positive vibes entering my body.

Our first stop in the market was for my sister. She has an obsession for roasted candied almonds. She explained her focus would be off without these almonds. I must say that they taste amazing! My objective was to find Valarian Root for my family to try, (see previous blog on Valarian Root experience) and a tea or herb to help my sister with cramps during her menstrual cycle. While walking through the aisles, I noticed not only were fruit and vegetables being sold, but everything from natural oils, soaps, candles, lotions, art, prayer beads, smoothies, raw superfoods, and different cultural cuisines, the list could go on for days! Not to mention, the vendors were happily sharing their products, but also spreading love and positive vibes. My mother told me, “you know every time I come here, I’m always relaxed and enjoying the moment I’m in. Any other problems or stress are non-existent.” I said, “mamma that’s that positive energy entering taking over!”

I eventually found the Valarian Root, but not before purchasing some natural soaps, a superfood I’ve been looking for called Moringa (blog coming soon), and African Shea Butter. Also we did find a tea that helps with menstrual cycles made from Calendula flowers. After my sister uses it, I will share her experience. I told all the vendors I would be moving to Idaho soon and all were happy to ship any products I need to me. While leaving I forgot to buy some sunflower sprout I’d tried as a sample earlier. After my purchase I’m headed out to the van and a young lady stops me saying, “Hey! Come here for a second.” I follow her to a booth as she explains different male products she’s selling (shaving cream, lotion, and oils). I politely listened as I had no interest in purchasing any items. I thanked her for her time and headed out.

As I’m leaving I noticed she had some sanitary napkins (menstrual pads) on display. I excitingly asked if these were the super natural pads. She said yes and gave me a quick synopsis of the product. I explained how my sister had bad cycles and she proudly said these will help, not only with cramps but she wouldn’t have to change them often (I feel another future blog on this product coming soon!). The farmers market did not only provide the usual local grown food, vegetables, and supplements, but provides an experience that will help refocus you being surrounded by positive energy. Find your local farmers market and feel this experience!

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