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Treating Your Weekend Duffle Bag

Terrance with weekend duffle image

I highly recommend to treat your leather bag with a leather conditioner every 6 months. This will clean the pores keeping the leather moist and from drying up. With the cotton bags be cautious of easy dirtying, loose strings, etc. I recently made a trip to London, UK and ruined a bag trying to stuff 3 pair of shoes, clothing, hats, my camera, and my toiletries in my cotton weekender. The shoulder strap started to tear from the bag because of the weight. I know it seems to be a lot but I needed the box to my Nike Huraches lol! On top of that I tried to be smooth and snag a loose string… (see photo below) For cotton bags (if I didn’t steer you away) I recommend spraying a coat of all purpose stain cleaner for a protective coat. This will allow stains to roll right off with a clean towel and warm water. Please take care of your bags.

Snagged Weekend Bag image

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