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Valerian Root

I first heard of Valerian Root on a podcast named The Model Heath Fitness show by Shawn Stevenson. This particular episode was about improving your sleep. A lot of his tips were helpful, but the one that stuck out the most Valerian Root and how it’s used to help with sleep. Anyone that knows me knows I never have issues falling asleep, but I wanted to give it a shot so I could speak on it from experiences. Living in Germany, sometimes products aren’t readily available locally (so I thought) and I’m too impatient to order online. As I was leaving the gym, I passed a local tea shop and instantly was reminded about the root. I hate being the typical American in Germany so I try my best to speak German. I whipped out my phone and translated Valerian Root and came up with “[Baldrian-Wurzel]Baldrian-Wurzel”.

As I’m browsing for the B-Word, I noticed everything was in ABC order which made everything so much easier, but still no¬†[Baldrian-Wurzel]Baldrian-Wurzel. I go to the counter and ask the young lady behind, “Entschuldigung, sprache sie englisch?” (Translates to “excuse me, do you speak English?) she replies yes how may I help you. So instead of butchering the word, I gestured my phone with the translation of Valerian Root. She immediately and kinda nervously said “oh no, we don’t carry this because it’s used as medicine and we are not a pharmacy.” Her reaction made me even more curious and she gave me directions to a place that would carry this.

Luckily it was in walking distance, so I moseyed on over to Reformhaus Bio Markt in Kaiserslautern. I walk in and immediately find myself in the herbal aisle and again everything is in order. I’m browsing and still no root. So again I go to the counter, using my German asking if they carry this herb. She of course went in the exact place I was and pulled it off the shelf smh. I proceeded to check out, and headed home ready to try my newly found herb. I was relieved when I opened the package and saw nothing but loose herbs. I’m not a fan of prepackaged stuff, you never know what’s added as fillers. So before I made my tea, the tea shop lady’s reaction made me want to look up how much root I should use. The suggested serving for an average size mug was one teaspoon. I’m thinking jeez this stuff must really be potent!

I locked in one teaspoon in my little strainer, heated some water, added half a teaspoon of honey just for a sweetener, and let it steep for 25-30 minutes. By this time the tea wasn’t as hot so it was a lot easier to drink and enjoy. The initial smell was a little woody but the taste was rather smooth. I expected to immediately pass out, why I have no clue. I guess I expected an instant reaction since it had all my attention. So an hour went by and I’m thinking ok this was a waste of money and time. I proceeded to shower and forgot about trying to feel a reaction.

As I’m getting out I realized I was very relaxed for some reason. As I sat on the couch, I kicked my feel up and was kinda in a daze, but nothing crazy. All of a sudden I remembered, it’s happening! I went from the daze, to a little tired. When I laid down, I was not instantly out, but more so resting with my eyes closed. Imagine a child fighting their sleep. Once I finally let go, I was OUT! I remember hearing the voices from my friends coming in from a night out partying and saying, “where is Terrance” but my body wasn’t getting up at all. I woke up to use the restroom and felt I was in a trance, but had no problem getting back to sleep. I easily got 8-9 hours of sleep!

I woke up the next morning a little tired, but once I was up up nothing but energy ran through my body! It was great to have a night of amazing sleep. I will definitely incorporate this herbal tea at least once a week but only when I don’t have much going on the next morning.

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