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The Weekend Duffle Bag

Weekend Duffle Bag image

The weekend duffle bag will give you the casual yet sophisticated look. Dressed up with slacks and a blazer or dressed down in a slim tee and shredded jeans. Either way you WILL look the part. A close friend/mentor told me a man should always have a weekender in the closet. It presents itself with a gentleman’s approach. When choosing the color or material, keep in mind your budget and your personality. I’m a firm believer of,  ‘you get what you pay for’,  however do not break the piggy bank if you can’t. There are quality bags for a decent price out there waiting for you, check your nearest designer outlet for great quality at unbelievable prices (The last outlet I shopped at was Noventa Di Piave).


First rule…. DO NOT MISTAKE A GYM BAG FOR THE WEEKEND DUFFLE.  Gym bags belong in one place, the gym. The color of your weekend duffle bag speaks just as much as your apparel. Black says I’m conservative, just wanna move without any or minimal notice. Brown can say the same, however it can also present a vibrant signal. The multi color will say, stop what you’re doing, the life of the party has arrived! Go find a weekend duffle that fits you and set yourself apart from your peers with the new addition to your luggage collection.

Guy Holding Weekend Duffle Bag

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